The latest version of EvoSuite is 1.0.6, released on 06/04/18. EvoSuite is compiled with Java 8, and should work on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The source code is released under the LGPL license, and can be found on Github at: Every time we make a new release, we validate it on the SF110 Corpus. That is a collection of more than 23k classes from 110 different open-source projects. Coverage results of this benchmarking can be found here (note, that webpage is several MBs big).


To run experiments with EvoSuite, or to integrate it with other tools, you can download a standalone executable jar that can be used from the command line.

  • Executable: evosuite-1.0.6.jar
  • Runtime test dependency: evosuite-standalone-runtime-1.0.6.jar If you compile (e.g., “mvn package”) the latest snapshot from the Git repository, then the executable will be in the “master/target” folder with name “evosuite-master-.jar”.

Stable Plugins

Maven plugin

The Maven plugin is automatically downloaded by Maven after the pom.xml files are configured. See Documentation.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin

There is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 15. Note: This plugin has only been tested on Mac OS X  and Windows 7. It may not work properly on other operating systems. The plugin is hosted directly in the JetBrains plugin repository. See Documentation.

Experimental Plugins

Eclipse plugin

There is a basic experimental Eclipse plugin. Note: This plugin requires Java 8 and has only been tested with Eclipse Mars and Luna, and may not work on other versions of Eclipse. To install it, use the following Eclipse update site:

Jenkins plugin

There is a basic experimental Jenkins plugin available here. To install it, Jenkins provides an “Upload Plugin” option in the “Manage Jenkins” menu, where the evosuite.hpi file can be uploaded and installed. Once installed, the EvoSuite Jenkins plugin runs as a “post-build” step, in which the output of the EvoSuite Maven plugin is displayed on the Continuous Integration (CI) web interface. Note: It requires Jenkins v1.626 or later.