EvoSuite Study 2014

To support replication, this webpage contains the experimental material used for the paper titled: “Automated Unit Test Generation during Software Development: A Controlled Experiment and Think-Aloud Observations”, accepted for publication at ISSTA 2015.

ISSTA 2015 Slides

Download ISSTA 2015 slides

ISSTA 2015 Artifact Evaluation

Due to file size constraints, the complete artifact bundle cannot be submitted through the EasyChair installation, hence, we provide a direct link here:

ISSTA 2015 AE Paper 22 (zip file)

Alternatively, you can download artifacts individually using the links below.



The original classes selected from the Apache Commons project, which constitute the golden implementations are (including the IntegerDivision class used in the tutorial session):

The template version of the classes above:

Tar file including the golden test suites associated to the classes above and their dependencies. 

The Eclipse Workspaces presented to students:


The randomly generated and manually refined assignment of subjects to treatments and objects for session 1 (download) and session 2 (download).

Eclipse pre-configured environment

Download the Eclipse pre-configured IDE (including EvoSuite, EclEmma and Rabbit plugins).


EvoSuite Eclipse plug-in

Download the Plugin Update Site for the EvoSuite Eclipse plug-in version used in the experiment.


Think-Aloud Observations Notes

A pdf version of the notes taken during think-aloud observations and enhanced with analysis of the speech and screen video recordings (download).