Orthogonal GA

Here you can download a version of EvoSuite with an extension that implements Orthogonal exploration of search spaces in Evolutionary Test Case Generation for programs with numeric input. The current implementation supports Java classes with numeric parameters only. We plan to add support for non numeric parameters as well.

To run the tool, you need to specify the option -generateTestsSVD, which activates the orthogonal search space exploration technique for numeric classes as follows:

java -jar evosuite-svd-xxx.jar -generateTestsSVD -cp classpath-of-class-under-test -class=full-class-name

Most of the parameters are the same as in the basic EvoSuite. However, there are additional parameters specific to this particular extension. Here are the important ones:
apply_svd: a boolean which activates/deactivates the feature. If false, basic GA is used. [default: rue]
svd_random_restart: perform reactive exploration or not [default: true]
svd_random_restart_only: perform reactive exploration only or not [default: false]
svd_interval: how often to perform orthogonal diversification [every 1, 2, .. generations, default: 2]
svd_proportion: what percentage of the top individuals in the population should be used for performing the exploration [default: 0.25]